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Privacy Policy

Our website is mainly share Best Brokers Reviews, Trading Signals, Scam and Mobile Trading Apps. We are always try to aviod scam software around you. . You can get updated news and contents from our site. We strictly follow privacy and cookies policy. We assure you that we don’t misuse any of your information. When express us to share, only then we share your information.

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We keep privacy as a commitment and also permit to use of cookies.

Gathering personal information:
We gather personal information of user and disclosure third party personal information.

International data transfers:
We are transferring data to many operating countries; publication of personal information on Internet; transferring data outside of the EEA; permit to transfer International data.

Maintaining persona Data:
We keep all personal data of users. We have data retention introduction; personal data retention specific rules; data retention default rules; personal data deletion exception.

Security of personal information:

We are committed hundred percent security of information. We also keep technical and organisational security measures; data sent over internet is insecure, security of lead data; data stored in secure server.

We keep amendments our site timely. Amendment by publication; notification of changes to policy; check for changes to policy.

We accept subject access requests. Subject access: withholding data information; permit to marketing communication; no marketing instructions.

Third party websites:
We provide hyperlinks to third party websites for advertisement; no responsibility for third party privacy policies.

Updating information:
We regularly correcting and updating our information.

Analytics cookies:
We provide analytics cookies service; names of analytics cookies; analytics service provider cookies; use of analytics information; analytics service provider privacy policy.

Third party cookies:
Google Adsense cookies, use of third party cookies, third party cookie details.

Blocking cookies:
How to block cookies; effects on website use of blocking cookies; negative impact of blocking cookies.

Deleting cookies:
How can you delete cookies and effects of deleting cookies.

Data protection registration:
We have data protection registration. We have data registration number.

Our details:
We have company registration name, contact information, website operator name, place of business.

So when you get started with our service, you must read and analyze our Privacy and Cookies policy. It’s help you how to follow our site. And you also know better use of our site. If you read this Privacy and Cookies Policy carefully, then you get best service from our Affiliate Site.

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