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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Is Option Robot A Best Binary Robot?

In this new year, the most popular and trustworthy robot is Option Robot Software. Option Robot is the most popular for its amazing functions and features. This robot contributes many facilities and lucrative scheme to its clients.

Option Robot Review

Option Robot software starts its journey in 2014. A European Software Development team built this amazing robot software. Then this software is fully updated and moderated in march 2016. Now, this software is fully consistent and lucrative Binary Option Robot. So we can recommend you to use this software without any hesitation. Option Robot winning accuracy is 83% which is reliable for trust this robot.

Why This Option  Robot Is So Much Popular Than Others Robot

Option Robot is one of the top 3 listed Binary Automated Trading System. Because Option Robot is provided so many different kind functions, features and trending to its users from others robot. Option Robot programming system is totally different from other robot systems.This robot configures are the best configure system of this year. Option Robot’s Trading percentage is also promising. Option Robot doesn’t give any fictitious hope to its users. This Option Robot has promising winning accuracy rate. The winning accuracy rate of Option Robot is 83%. This Option Robot software work with top 9 Binary Options Brokers. An investor can easily any licensed brokers from Option Robot for trading.

Which Configuration are in Option Robot’s Settings

Which configurations are endowment by Option Robot Software given Below :

Amount : Here You must set the amount how much money the Option Robot take to start each trade. The minimum money for each trade is 20$. And you can go as high as 600 or more for high rollers.

Method : Option Robot will grant you three marvelous methods for trading. These are :

  • Classic System : Most secure system
  • Martingale System : Most profitable system
  • Fibonacci System : Most accurate system

Indicators : Option Robot Software provides six indicators ( signal sources) to its users. These indicators have generated the signals. For example, if you select MACD indicator, the software will start trading if it finds any pattern that matches with MACD indicator. These indicators are in Option Robot :

  1. Williams Percentage Range
  2. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  3. Trend Indicator
  4. Stoch Oscillator
  5. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  6. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Caution : When you will try out to start with a demo account, all the options will be selected. So when you will hear how many trades the robot can place at a time, you will be amazed. So be alert and watchful and choose a low number.

Expiry : The most important feature is Expiry for any robot. This is the field where you command the robot which option to trade. Option Robot has 60s options to one hour option to choose for trading.

Max Simultaneous Trades : This option indicates the numbers how many trades you can place at a time.

Currencies : 8 Forex currency pairs are available in Option Robot for trading.

Available Brokers In Option Robot

In 2017, the most amazing and lucrative robot is Option Robot. Because Option Robot provides Top Brokers for trading. This is the beauty of this robot software. So here you have the ability to choose from any of these brokers for your trading. There are currently top 9 brokers are connected with Option Robot, each month more brokers are added. These top 9 brokers are 24Option, HBSwiss, BinaryCM, Binary Tilt, Dinero Libre, FM Trader, Markets Trading. Opteck and StockPair. ( We only recommend licensed and regulated brokers for your Binary trading) 

Is Option Robot Scam Free

Before start with any robot first thought in our mind that this robot is scam or not. It’s natural habit of mankind. You must justify yourself before trading with any robot. But in this case, we assure you that Option Robot is a Scam free robot. Because this robot does not give any bogus hope or offer to its clients and also not propose unreliable offers. Which are untrustworthy. Option Robot also does not send any spam e-mails to users. Scam robot always shows maximum winning accuracy rate than others. But Option Robot don’t give such kind of hope. Option Robot winning accuracy rate is 83%. If you properly follow the functions and features of Option Robot, you won’t lose. So it’s totally true and justify that Option Robot is a 100% Scam Free Robot Software. We recommend this Option Robot for your Better Binary trading.

How To Open An Account in Option Robot

To open an account in Option Robot is very easy and simple. You just need to follow three simple steps. For example :

  1. First of all, you must go to Option Robot Official site, Sign up for free.
  2. Then select a Binary Options broker from recommended list and join with a broker.
  3. Last of all deposit minimum 200$ and start your trading.

Option Robot Demo Account

You can justify Option Robot Software by using its demo account. To use demo account, first you need to log into your account and click on the red “ Try Demo Mode” button. In your demo account you have 1000$ to start trade. If once you lose all of your money of demo account, you can’t able to use demo account again. So be careful to trade in demo account. Try not to invest all money of demo account at a time. After your satisfaction by using demo account, you can start original trading to deposit minimum 200$ in your account.

Customer Help Service

Option Robot Software provide best customer help service than others robot. You can get help by using email or web in Option Robot contact page. You can get service in English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Swedish and Dutch languages.


Above all we tell you Option Robot is the best Binary Robot of this year for Binary traders. It can presume lucrative in Binary trading. You also see that scam robots advertise 93% accuracy rate and guaranteed success. But Option Robot don’t offer such kind of promises to it clients.

Option Robot gives so many signals to its users, for this your results never be same to others person result. This Option robot is also most popular for its amazing functions and features. This why we highly recommend you Option Robot  for your Binary Trading. So we can assure you that Option Robot is the Best Binary Robot for you in this year.

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