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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

24Option Review & It's Scam Info

24Option Broker Review

Recently the most popular Binary Option Robot is 24Option Binary System. It is also make a place in Top 10 Binary Options Brokers. 24Option Binary System starts its journey in binary option since 2010. After start its broking journey, 24Option has earned much fame among binary traders. It is also popular for its artificial intelligence system. Now it is the most used and profitable Binary Robot among Binary Traders. 24Option is giving strong trading platform for Binary Traders. 24Option is a self motivated software. You can use 24Option Binary Robot manually and automatically. To trade with 24Option System You just need to visit official site 24Option. After create an account in 24Option, You will be permitted to access in all types of function to operate 24Option Robot automatically. So, Be hurry to registered with 24Option for your binary trading.

24Option is user friendly for both newbies and professionals. Both Newbies and professionals can easily operate 24Option Binary System.

24Option Review

Founder Of 24Option

The most promising and famous Binary System 24Option has been built by Rodeler Limited. All legal rights are reserved by Rodeler Limited. 24option’s office is situated in Limassol, Cyprus.

License And Account Security

Only the special bonuses method, gorgeous website, super operating features are not enough for a broker to trust. If the broker has operating licence, then the broker is trustworthy to all. In this case 24Option is a licensed Holder Broker. 24Option has got its license from CYSEC. CYSEC’s terms and rules are fascinating to all. Besides CYSEC, 24option also has a license from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. So these International Organizations Licenses approve that 24Option is a trustworthy Binary Brokers.

24Option maintain high privacy security system. 24Option Account Privacy Profile is highly secured. Your account is 100% secured from any kind external interruption. So you can be 100% stress free about your 24Option Account Privacy. 24Option follow strict security system for its clients. No one can use or hamper your Account Privacy.

Is 24Option A Scam?

Generally, Before start with any Binary Option Brokers, first question rise in our mind that is the broker a scam. It’s 100% legible question about Binary brokers. Because recently there are so many scam brokers see in Binary trading. It’s your responsibility to aware of this kind of scam brokers. In these case we assure you that 24Option System isn’t a scam broker. Because We are trading with 24Option since long days.

We don’t find any type of illegality with 24Option Binary Brokers And it’s CY SEC and UK Financial Conduct Authority’s operating license can also prove 24Option legality. Besides this 24Option’s long Binary journey also admit that. So 24Option Scam review is only a rumor. Further you can trade with 24Option Binary System without any hesitation.

What Is Trading Platform & Signal?

In Binary Option Systems the most significant segment is analyzed the trading platform to judgment the efficiency of a Binary Option Broker.Trading Platform is very important for success full Binary Trading.Trading platform means that place where user can archive knowledge &information, analyzing & monitoring data, place trades and user manage his account activity.

Trading platforms comprehensively differ from Broker to Broker. We can divide trading platforms into two large categories. One is software based platform and other is custom built platform. Software based platform is created by well-known Broker. There are advantages and disadvantages in both categories. Custom built platform is created by brokers for it’s customers. In this platform Broker customize all the settings himself for his customers, the services its offer, the assets its offers, the currency its offers and the options its offers. On the other hand it is more profitable, less costly to modify, less risky to use the third party platform. Because this software platform is tested and already tried to use.

Further third party platforms also give so many special offers, bonuses, other marketing tools to its customers.After all Binary traders have the rights to use it or refuse to use it.

24Option chose to use a third-party platform from the Israeli company Tech Financials. It is an established name in the binary options and forex broker industries.

More importantly 24option is free from any kind maze activity. It is well tested platform for your trades. So if you want, you can use 24option platform.

Trading Signal is very important part of Binary Option. Signals provide alert option to Binary Broker users. There are so many types Signals. Signal is a such Binary option service which inform Binary traders when price is low and when price is high. Its help the traders this way  that the traders trade in “Call or Put” Option. When price is high traders take “Call” Option or when price is low traders take “Put” Option. Signals also provide strike price to the users of Binary Brokers.

Number Of 24Option Assets

Generally which broker offer a large number of assets to the traders is the best for the Binary trading experience.

This is because you have more choice and can diversify and/or target your trading strategy to suit your needs. You will not be disappointed by the range of assets available at 24Option.

24Option has more than 120 Assets for trading. For this reason 24Option is one of the biggest Binary Broker of all Binary Option Brokers. Its provide you option to choose over six stock, commodities, indices and currency exchanges.

Stock of the biggest and well-known Companies in the world  24Option is giving you to trade. These companies are Oil Companies, Telecommunication Companies, Car Manufacturers, Technology Companies and more.

The indices are also well-known and famous in the world given at 24Option. Such as : Russia’s MICEX, Chaina’s Hang Sheng, Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and also the FTSE 100.

24Option is also providing various kind of commodities to its users. Such : Crude Oil, Platinum, Silver, Gold etc. These are very popular and demandable to traders.

At 24Option there are so many currency exchanges for trading. World major currency pairs 24Option provide for trading to its users. The currency pairs 24Option provide are : USD/EUR, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, USD/GBP, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY.

These currency pairs are very valuable for trading. But Before starting with any trading you must follow some strategy. After then you can get best outcome from your Binary Option Trading.

24Option Diagram Formula

24Option has a beautiful diagram of option. This diagram provide trading method for traders. Binary trader achieve their certain goal to follow this option diagram. 24option is a only Brokers who give so much option diagram for it’s users. Which options are provided by 24option, Given Below:

  • High/Low Option Formula

In Binary Option, High/Low Option is the most common option formula. Every Binary brokers have this High/Low option. High/Low option is also known as Call/Put option. High/Low option you need to  predict the final price of an asset or currency pairs.If your prediction is correct, you will win or your prediction wrong you will lose. High option means that the price of an underlying assets, indices, commodities or currency pairs will higher than current price. And Low option means that the price of an underlying assets, indices, commodities or currency pairs will lower than current price.

  • One-Touch/No-Touch Option Formula

One-Touch/ No-Touch option formula is similar with High/Low Option.The profit is most highest than any other option in One-Touch/ No-Touch option. But In One-Touch/No-Touch Option profit is high. On the other hand the risk is high too. In One-Touch option you are predicting the asset price will reach the certain price set by brokers before the expiry time. If the prediction is correct you win or wrong you lose.

In No-Touch option, if you choose the No-Touch option , you are predicting the assets or commodities, currency price will not reach the certain price set by Brokers before the expiry time.

One Touch/ No Touch option is the most profitable option formula. But in this option as the profit is high such the risk is also high.

  • Boundary Option Formula

In Boundary Option formula the risk is stayed between High/Low and One-Touch/No-Touch Option. The Boundary option formula is more profitable than High/Low option but lower than Touch option.

In Boundary option the assets price is set in a range or boundary by Brokers. This price range is indicated both upper and lower value of an asset. In Boundary option upper value is known as Ceiling and lower value is known as Floor.

In Boundary option you are predicting that the assets price is crossing the boundary line or within the boundary line. If your prediction go right , you win. And go wrong, you lose.

  • 60 Second Option Formula

60 sec Option is the newest option formula in Binary option industry. In 24Option 60s Option is available. It is a high pay out and high risk option in Binary option which is expires in 60 seconds. Here 60s Option as your profit is high such risk is high than any other option.

Expiry Time Of 24Option

Expiry time is most important option in Binary industry. Expiry time option is available in 24option. A successful or unsuccessful trade depend on expiry time. A profitable trade turns into loss or a non profitable trade turns into profit just one second. There are two types of Expiry Time, Such as:

➫ Short Time  Expiry

The short time expiry is now most popular to all Binary traders. In Short Time Expiry you will make profit quickly. On other hand you will loss every thing rapidly. To get fast out every new or professional traders choose Short Time Expiry option. 

The Short term offer by 24Option are:

One Minute   Two Minute   Five Minute   30 Minute   One hour

➫ Long Time Expiry

In Long Time Expiry there are two option are available. These are 5 hour option and End of day expiry option. This two options are also available in 24Option. Long time expiry is less used in Binary Option. Because Short Time Expiry is now popular than Long Time Expiry. But Whose love long time frame they can use Long Time Expiry.

Types Of Account And Getting Register With 24Option

Before get started with 24option you have to register. There are five types account offered by 24Option. Every account has give you different types of facilities. Its your decision which account you choose to trade with 24Option.The types of account provided by 24Option are

Register Type 24Option 

Generally In 24Option, you have to initial deposit of 250$ to trade with Basic Account. But while you open a Diamond Account, You need to initial Deposit of 15000$ or more.In 24option Account every types of account has its own feature, cons and pros. The most basic thing of these account are similar, such as : a dedicated personal account manager, free trading alerts and unlimited access to the 24Option Sea of Knowledge in aka trading academy.

24Option is also popular in marketing Field. Because 24Option is Official marketing partner of an Italian football club named Juventus F.C. So It is true to inform you that you get some free tickets when you open an account with 24Option.

Demo Account 24Option

24Option also give you a opportunity to open an demo account to get your experience with 24Option. After use the Demo account you clarify yourself about 24Option. But one thing you should remember about Demo account that you never decrease your virtual money balance into 0$. If you do that you will not receive additional balance and your demo account will be useless.

Customer Support Service

24Option is providing best customer support service to its users. 24Option customer service is available 24/7. It also give to users language facilities to its customer. 24Option offer its customer to maintain the account tools with their native language. For any Binary option queries, 24option has email, live chat and telephone number 24/7 for its customer.


Present day the most promising and popular Binary Option Broker is 24Option. 24option trading platform is very easy to use for Binary Trading option. It has 24/7 customer service facilities. 24option has provide so many languages for its customer so that they can use their native language. 24option is also regulated by CY SEC. For all this we recommend you 24Option Binary Brokers for your Binary trading.

 24option Demo Account

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